To use our novel AI aided by clinical experts to streamline global oncology research by organizing real world data and automating clinical trials.

our story

Dr. Karim Galil was tired. He was tired of losing patients to cancer. He was tired of messy medical records. And he was tired of trying to stay on top of the avalanche of clinical trials touting one solution or another. Losing both patience and too many patients, Galil decided to create an organized and artificially intelligent system to match those under his care with the best diagnostic and treatment methods available.

This journey matched Karim with Wael Salloum, PhD, who has been developing AI solutions for healthcare since 2013. Wael's fascination with AI started in 2005 when he built his first semantic search engine. During his PhD at Columbia University, he was funded for 6 years by two of DARPA's top AI research projects, GALE and BOLT, to develop NLP algorithms for machine translation.

Out of the Silicon Valley, the world’s center for innovation, they started Mendel.ai and secured funding from some of the world’s best VC firms to re-imagine the future of clinical trials using AI and Real World Data.

Mendel Founders

The Team

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    karim galilMD
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    Wael SalloumPhD
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    Bernal Jimenez
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    Nahal Malekshoar
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    Ashkon Zariv


  • 01

    Be Authentic

    Bold claims can kill patients. At Mendel, we tell an honest story about the evidence we are building with AI. We are committed to provide the truth.

  • 02

    Lead With Originality

    What we are creating is an original solution. We strive to innovate with every iteration and to do things on our own terms, rather than copying others.

  • 03

    Commit to Excellence

    We never compromise quality. Real-world, quality data is the core of our business and we are committed to creating clarity from the sea of complications.

  • 04

    Make a Difference

    Our decisions are driven by data. We don’t “wing it.” We are committed to getting it right and use data to support our decision making leading to more insights that could potentially change the world in healthcare.

  • 05

    Think Like a Physician, Code like a Developer

    We are physicians first, technologists second. All of our solutions are in the service of patients. With a custom-built AI system, we are committed to combine an oncologist intuition with machine precision.

  • 06

    Greet Challenges Head On

    We don’t shy away from challenges. We began our journey tackling the most difficult and complicated medical landscape of oncology. Today, we continue to take on complex medical environments with vigor and enthusiasm.