Realtime Access to RWD from Prestigious Oncology Clinics.

Run observational studies leveraging analytics-ready and de-identified patient data from Mendel’s alliance of partner clinical institutes.

Access a New Source of Clinical Data that is 
Rich, Analytics-ready and Secure

Mendel says:

Leverage the richest logitudinal data

An ever-growing alliance of partner research sites fed Mendel with over 2 million patient longitudinal records, that are harnessed and turned into patient journeys ready for analysis.
Mendel says:

Be research-ready data in minutes

Simply choose your data end points and Mendel Enrich generates analytics-ready CSV or SaaS files, eliminating the need for human curation and manual chart reviews.
Mendel says:

Guarantee data compliance

Mendel’s powerful data extraction and anonymization AI sits on-premise at our partner clinical institutes, ensuring that any sensitive patient information never leaves the building.
Mendel says:

Conduct realtime research

Mendel’s partner sites feed and update data in near-real time, allowing you to run live experiments for the first time.

Mendel + EMR = Infinite Possibilities.

Mendel's technology is powering the world’s first digital alliance of clinical research sites.

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Direct Engagement with Clinical Sites, Enabled by Mendel

Mendel’s partner sites bid directly on different research opportunities posted by sponsors, with Mendel de-identifying and curating the EMR data from each site into a research-grade format.



Build your cohort without programming skills.



Pick the sites you want to engage in your study.


Site's Decision

Sites recieve your proposal and bid to participate.



Design your endpoints.



Download analytics-ready data, refreshed via daily updates

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