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Liberate data in medical records whether it is free- text doctor notes, scanned records, or lab values. Mendel allows you to increase participation in clinical research, as well as enable real world data applications such as retrospective studies and outcome analysis. We use our novel AI technology “Mendel Brain” with results validated by our team of clinical experts.

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Streamline Clinical Trials

Our novel AI -- Mendel Brain -- can help answer feasibility surveys with precision and speed by understanding every piece of clinical data regardless of format. Augmenting your screening process and proactively connecting you to trials that match your patient population.

Publications and News


Improving Clinical Trial Participant Pre-Screening with Artificial Intelligence (AI): a Comparison of the Results of AI-Assisted vs. Standard Methods in Three Oncology Trials

We have submitted our first publication. We investigated use of artificial intelligence-powered technology, Mendel Brain, as a means of overcoming bottlenecks and potential biases associated with standard patient pre-screening processes in an oncology setting. Read More



Mendel Health Positions AI Platform for Clinical Trial Matching, Personalized Medicine

NEW YORK (GenomeWeb) – Mendel Health, a year-old Bay Area startup, is building a new artificial intelligence platform for use in clinical trials and personalized medicine. By analyzing electronic medical records and genomic data, Mendel Health believes its AI platform can identify patients for ongoing trials and help clinicians select treatments. Read More