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AI that Delivers Instant Data Abstraction with Human Accuracy

In a direct comparison, Mendel Read’s AI scored higher on data abstraction accuracy than human efforts for Oncology data.

"We chose to use Mendel Read after rigorous validation by our oncologists."

Jes Alexander, MD-PHD

Don’t choose between accuracy and scalability.

Mendel says:

Turn Patient Data into Analytics-Ready Clinical Information

Read’s AI adds deep clinical context- previously attainable only through manual abstraction- to structured data, creating the richest analytics-ready view of the patient journey in the industry.
Mendel says:

Iterate faster

Read extracts data 27,000 x faster, compared to manual abstraction, enabling quick and iterative crash testing of your research thesis.
In one study, researchers tuned the experiment end points 11 times in 5 days.
Mendel says:

Think bigger

Your “n of patients” can be as big you want, when you process millions of patients in minutes with Read.
Mendel says:

Understand more

The complexity of medicine is unlikely to be captured in a list of data elements or a “map” generated through human-only efforts.
Mendel's Read extracts the industry’s most comprehensive and customizable list of data elements to build the most representative simulation of a patient journey.
Mendel Says:

Do more

Go from spending $ in labor hours to ¢ in machine time, achieving savings in millions of dollars through AI-enablement.
Mendel Read serves as a digital assistant to research teams, helping them maximize their efficiency.

Going from the “buzz” of artificial intelligence to reality

Mendel dedicated millions of dollars and years of R&D into building technology that delivers clinically acceptable quality to you.

Mendel says:

Moving past open-source AI with “Symbolic Learning”

Open source technologies like LUECINE, UMLS, Fasttext and BioBERT were incapable of delivering quality acceptable to Mendel. We built AI from the ground up to marry deep learning with learning from human clinical experts.
Mendel says:

Results that speak for themselves

Here is a sentence taken from an actual patient record analyzed by AI from by one of the big five tech giants (top) vs. Mendel Read (bottom). Mendel Read’s AI captures rich details like biomarkers, gender, type of malignancy, completely missed by big tech AI.
⬑ Source Document
⬑ Competitor's Output
⬑ Mendel's
Mendel says:

Do more

Mendel Read isn’t a black box. Easily click and download a de-identified copy of the source document for seamless quality checks on the data prior to use.

Let us show you results that speak for themselves.