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Mendel's technology is powering the world’s first digital alliance of clinical research sites.

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Never compromise on trust, privacy or control, when it comes to patient data

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Mendel’s Approach to Patient Data Privacy


Breakthrough technology to redact PHI from any type of patient record, including faxes and scans

Rated as over 99% accurate in PHI de-identification and HIPAA compliant, Mendel’s Redact technology is the the new benchmark in ensuring patient privacy and regulatory compliance.

Pressure-tested on each new customer engagement

With each new customer we serve, Mendel is able to re-verify, via a prestigious 3rd party, the accuracy of our redaction and HIPAA compliance of de-identification.

Full control and auditing over data visibility

Mendel alliance partners have full control over granting access to de-identified copies of their data for research purposes, and see full audit trails of requests that have ever been granted, declined or executed via Mendel.

Control over your PHI data movement

With the option for on-premises installation for our partner research sites, Mendel ensures that sensitive information never leaves the building.

Statistically confirmed for compliance by a prestigious third party

Mendel’s Redact is the only automated de-identification solution to be verified as HIPAA compliant by a third party.

All the Fine Print


Physical security at our premises in the US and overseas

We follow HIPAA-dictated physical safeguards, policies, and procedures to protect a covered entity's electronic information systems and related buildings and equipment from natural and environmental hazards and unauthorized intrusion.

Mendel feeds on data to be a better AI

After your consent, we use de-identified copy of your patient data to train our algorithms to be smarter and faster. If you decide to opt-out, your data won’t be used by our R&D team.

Control who can contact you

Mendel frequently matches clinical sites with the right research opportunities coming from Pharma, CROs and Data companies, but no contact information is shared prior to receiving formal consent.

Your activity data

Mendel collects data about your activity in our products, which we use to add further value, like a recommending a clinical trial. The activity we collect may include:
  • Terms you search for
  • Profile of patients who consent to trials to help you target more of them.
  • Interaction with search output.
  • Interaction with data access requests.
  • Browsers you use to access our products.
You can contact us to change these settings.

You have choices regarding the data we collect and how it’s used.

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