A Clinical Search Engine that Answers your Queries in Seconds

Mendel Research is tailored to understand clinical context, and reads, “thinks” and responds to your clinical research queries like a physician

Eliminate the Busywork of Sifting through Clinical Records and Coding Search Scripts from Your Research

Mendel says:

Unlock written clinical data—out of the box

Mendel Research frees you from the constraints of rule-based search, understanding your clinical questions in natural language and adjusting search results on the fly. Unlike other search engines, reSearch is built for natural clinical search and requires no additional tuning or training.
Mendel says:

The answer is one click away

With lightning-fast search combined with clinical understanding, Research cuts search time down from hours to seconds, helping teams get to answers faster and unlocking hundreds of hours of productivity.
Mendel says:

Unlock your research creativity

Clinical trial matching, protocol design and trial feasibility assessments require asking complex and precise questions. Mendel Research allows you to easily create highly customized search queries to hone in on the data that holds the answers.

Mendel + EMR = Infinite Possibilities.

Mendel's technology is powering the world’s first digital alliance of clinical research sites.

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