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Optimize data capture in an industry that still uses faxes.

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⬑ OCR Output, offered by one of the big five tech giants. Failed to capture basic elements like biomarkers, gender, type of malignancy.

Be 4x Better: Avoid downstream challenges with incomplete patient journeys

Retina achieved 4x better data capture, and 4x lower error rates in a direct comparison against standard OCR solutions.

Choose custom-built for your most valuable data

Scans and faxes represent up to 60% of your medical data. Don’t leave these up to standard OCR, built for understanding everyday language. Retina’s OCR is built and trained from the ground up to understand clinical language.

Why the OCR is so important?

OCR Mistakes Mean Costly Liabilities and Inaccurate Clinical Conclusions Down the Line


Common OCR mistakes

Error in name recognition
Error in PHI redaction
Error in tokenization and patient linking
Error in biomarker recognition
Patient misses a clinical trial opportunity
Inaccurate patient journey

Unlock up to 4x more clinical data from faxes and prints

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