Unlock the power of unstructured clinical data

Mendel provides an end-to-end solution that uses the power of a machine and the nuanced understanding of a clinician to structure unstructured patient data at scale.

Built for Healthcare by Healthcare

Mendel is a researcher-trusted artificial intelligence built to understand clinical data.

Proprietary technology

Built specifically for healthcare and trained on the largest medical data set in the industry

Resolves conflicting clinical information

Leverages multiple AI disciplines to bring a greater level of accuracy, granularity and stability to results

Brings clinical context

and domain expertise to the extraction and abstraction process

Traces all results back to source material

Not a black box. Whether you use Carbon or ingest a JSON, you’ll always see the source evidence

Three Key Offerings

Mendel’s white-glove solution builds the foundation for deeper analysis

  • AI Driven Data Processing
    We make unstructured data machine readable, HIPAA compliant, and extract patient data with clinical intelligence

  • Interface Layer
    We provide a front end solution for human abstractors and a smart ontology driven search engine to drive efficiency

  • On Demand Abstraction
    Our team includes expert manual clinical abstractors in the United States and abroad

Industry Challenges and Mendel Solutions

Before healthcare organization attempt to build solutions themselves, consider the following:

The Challenge

How Mendel Solves It

Documents are not machine readable and searchable
Our NLP enhanced OCR engine is designed for healthcare and outperforms other engines in this space.
Documents are also extremely lengthy and it is difficult to identify individual document types
Our Segmentation algorithm that rebuilds the original document structure with metadata identifying source document type
Finding all of the clinical relevant facts is a challenge for human readers
Our NLP engine that extracts all of the clinically relevant facts across the entire document
There are way too many clinical facts to sift through
Our NLU engine weighs evidence across the entire patient record to populate the data model directly
Off the shelf tools do not scale
Abstraction workstation for highly efficient human in the loop interaction with our AI models

Mendel's Pipeline


Mendel's OCR module. Retina fuses our proprietary ontology and NLP systems with a powerful OCR engine to go beyond the pixel-only approach of off-the-shelf solutions.


Mendel's de-identification module. Redact uses a three step process to consistently mask PHI at greater than the HIPAA-mandated 99% threshold.


Mendel's segmentation and categorization module. Rectify segments long, run-on PDFs into the original individual documents and rebuilds the metadata including document type and relevant dates.


Mendel's NLP module. Read combines multiple systems, including symbolic AI and machine learning to extract more concepts with higher fidelity.


Mendel's NLU / consolidation engine. Resolve reads and synthesizes the entire patient record to resolve conflicting patient information across time.


Mendel's AI-enabled abstraction workstation that reduces abstraction time and increases accuracy by pointing human abstractors to the right evidence.

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