Learn how we support high quality data at scale

Unlock your unstructured clinical data

Use the power of a machine and the nuanced understanding of a clinician to structure unstructured patient data at scale.

Three Key Offerings

Mendel’s white-glove solution builds the foundation for deeper analysis


AI-driven data processing

We make unstructured data machine readable, HIPAA compliant, and extract patient data with clinical intelligence

Abstraction workstation

We provide a front end solution for human abstractors and a smart ontology driven search engine to drive efficiency

On-demand abstraction

Our team includes expert manual clinical abstractors in the United States and abroad

Built for Healthcare
by Healthcare

Mendel is a researcher-trusted artificial intelligence built to understand clinical data

Proprietary technology

Built specifically for healthcare and trained on the largest medical data set in the industry

Brings clinical context

and domain expertise to the extraction and abstraction process

Resolves conflicting clinical information

Leverages multiple AI disciplines to bring a greater level of accuracy, granularity and stability to results

Traces all results back to source material

Not a black box. Whether you use Carbon or ingest a JSON, you’ll always see the source evidence

Mendel’s AI Driven Solutions Support:


Deliver high quality de-identified patient data sets to support a wide variety of commercial use cases

Clinical Trial Matching

Improve efficiency of patient recruitment by rapidly narrowing down to patients most likely to qualify

Feasibility Studies

Characterize broader patient network to identify target populations of interest for research

Mendel's Pipeline


Patient records are largely unstructured and are not machine readable or searchable


Mendel's OCR module. Retina fuses our proprietary ontology and NLP systems with a powerful OCR engine to go beyond the pixel-only approach of off-the-shelf solutions.


Technology for masking PHI cannot consistently exceed the HIPAA mandated 99% threshold


Mendel's de-identification module. Redact uses a three step process to consistently mask PHI at greater than the HIPAA-mandated 99% threshold.


Clinical records often present as a single, run-on PDF with no organization by date and metadata removed


Mendel's segmentation and categorization module. Rectify segments long, run-on PDFs into the original individual documents and rebuilds the metadata including document type and relevant dates.


Physicians write for other physicians using dense language including inferences and shorthand


Mendel's NLP module. Read combines multiple systems, including symbolic AI and machine learning to process every word and extract more concepts with higher fidelity.


Off the shelf tools cannot synthesize clinical facts that may appear in different documents, hundreds of pages apart


Mendel's NLU / consolidation engine. Resolve leverages multiple systems to read the entire patient record and consolidate information into a summarized form


Commercially available tools merely help to organize abstraction work workflow


Mendel's AI-Enabled Abstraction Workstation. Carbon is infused with AI to enable highly efficient human in the loop interaction resulting in faster and more accurate generation of analysis ready data

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