Mendel Team
April 10, 2023

How to Approach De-Identification


Organizations that use patient data for internal or external research need to take steps to prevent the exposure of PHI to those who are not authorized to view it. They do this by redacting specific categories of identifiers from every patient document. Once the identifiers are masked, the risk profile of these datasets is significantly reduced. 

But how do you ensure that redaction engines are working to the highest accuracy?

The Mendel Approach

Across multiple assessments and heterogeneous datasets, Mendel’s Redact has been certified to perform well above the 99% HIPAA threshold, satisfying expert determination. In this video, Simran Tiwari, AI Engineer, takes to the white board to get under the hood of this module. She talks about what makes Redact different from other de-identification engines. She explains how Redact is able to protect patient privacy without losing out on important context and knowledge.

Mendel’s mission is to decode the world’s unstructured patient data. Mendel's core is a novel proprietary AI technology, capable of understanding a vast and ever-increasing range of clinical contexts and attributes at human expert level and machine scale.

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