Proprietary AI engine that masks PHI in unstructured clinical data

Redact allows

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Guaranteed to protect patient privacy

Across multiple assessments and heterogeneous datasets, Redact has been certified to perform well above the 99% HIPAA threshold, satisfying expert determination.

Works on all types of documents

We work with all document types. Abstractors can seamlessly navigate the patient’s medical chart to see the patient’s journey and the corresponding evidence from the original document.

Optimized for a full patient record

Redact works on the patient level, combining metadata from multiple documents to ensure higher accuracy for de-identification.

Clinical Utility at the core

Redact is built on proprietary technology that interprets clinical context with human-like accuracy. Our redaction process places clinical utility at the core of the de-identification process.

What do you get?


Designed for data scientists, our JSON maps against most standard ontologies and provides confidence scores per attribute for improved query accuracy

Expert determination

Ensure patient protection. Experts have certified Mendel datasets as HIPAA Compliant.

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