We spare lives by democratizing access to knowledge extracted from real patients journeys.

The Dream

Eliminate hit-or-miss clinical treatment of patients by enabling instant experimentation and simulation of disease progression and treatment outcomes in a computer environment rather than in a clinical setting.

The How

By developing AI that can help humans. Todays options are either human curation of patient data (inefficient and unscalable), or AI (error-prone, needing the help of humans to tune). We are committed to investing in R&D to build an AI that is clinically smart to be of true assistant to different stakeholders in healthcare.

The Story

Mendel is the brain child of Wael Salloum – a computer scientist, and Karim Galil – a physician.

At their first meeting, Karim expressed that his dream as a physician was that every clinical expert mentioned have a “Jarvis” by their side – an AI assistant that could scan all patient records and help them better personalize care for their patients. To his surprise, Wael mentioned that he had been working on a similar AI solution since 2005 – the rest is history.

Out of the Silicon Valley, the world’s center for innovation, they started Mendel.ai and secured funding from some of the world’s best VC firms to re-imagine the future of drug development and clinical practice.

The Name

Mendel is named after the father of genetics, as a tribute to a priest who mastered the skill of “careful observation” to change the field of medicine forever. At Mendel, we have trained our technology to master this very skill.

Health is a human condition, and any technology that doesn’t acknowledge the humanity of healthcare will fail to make its way into the practice of medicine and research. At Mendel, we aim to bring the humanity of our namesake to our technology.

Our board & Advisors

Karim Galil, MD

CEO, Chairman

Wael Salloum, PhD

CSO, Board Director

Hylton Kalvaria

Chief Commercial Officer

 Sailu Challapalli

Chief Product Officer

Kevin Kooi

Head of Finance

Brian Longo

Board Director

Billy Deitch

Board Director

Kyle Lui

Board Director

Sam Lambros


Mark Goldstein


Ashkon Zariv

Data Integration Engineer

Parth Patel

AI Research Engineer

Parth Patel

AI Research Engineer

The People

We train engineers to think like physicians and physicians to think like engineers.


Team Members




Patient records analyzed




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