Patient Data Indexed—at machine scale

Index millions of records and identify the most relevant patients


less time

on more patients

Patient-level indexing beyond document-level extractions

Proprietary clinical reasoning techniques make sense of complexities, such as conflicting staging information. By closely mimicking a human expert’s skills, Mendel builds a full patient journey—not just mere entity extractions.

Clinical utility preserved at scale

Extract an extensive and continually expanding range of clinical attributes from medical records with the precision of a human expert and a scale that only machines can achieve. We extract every mention of a clinically relevant fact at the sentence level.

An index that never overlooks faxes and PDFs

Designed and trained specifically for the language of healthcare, our OCR turbocharges indexing and captures 400X more from clinical faxes and PDFs compared to existing technologies. 

What do you get?


Designed for data scientists, our JSON maps against most standard ontologies and provides confidence scores per attribute for improved query accuracy

Clinically smart query builder

Designed for clinical experts, our search engine recognizes synonyms and variations, such as 'tumors' for 'cancer', enabling direct interaction with the text

Detailed quality report

We conduct multiple types of validation to ensure that the data is clinically useful, has been processed correctly, and that the AI models are not skewed.

Use Cases

Clinical trial matching

Match patients against complex inclusion/exclusion criteria

Protocol optimization

Crash test your protocol criteria against large cohorts

Cataloguing data assets

Abstractors can focus on lesser number of patients

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