Unravel 80% of the World's Clinical Data

Mendel transforms unstructured EMR data and clinical literature into the industry’s most comprehensive and compliant analytics-ready data.

Understanding of a Researcher, Capacity of a Machine

Mendel is a researcher-trusted artificial intelligence built to understand clinical data.

Mendel Says:

Always get human-level accuracy

Mendel’s output is reviewed and validated by a team of clinical experts to guarantee research-grade output. Leading organizations use Mendel-enabled data for regulatory submissions every year.
Mendel Says:

Be 27,000 times faster and cost-efficient

In a recent study involving 50,000 patients, researchers cut the time spent abstracting charts from 27,000 labor hours using primarily-manual methods down to 15 minutes using Mendel.  With Mendel, the burden of abstraction no longer dictates how often researchers can iterate on study parameters.
Mendel Says:

Choose custom-built for your most valuable data

Mendel preserves every last possible word from your data during OCR, de-identification and abstraction. The result: the richest, analysis-ready, patient journey data, primed for breakthrough insights.
Mendel Says:

Super-human compliance is possible

Mendel is the only only automated solution that  de-identifies PHI with >99% accuracy, as verified by an independent third party.
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Enabling the Future of Clinical Research

Mendel enables
RWD/RWE providers
Pharma and Life-sciences
CROs and Clinical Research Sites
Our technology and know-how power RWE applications that better understand and improve the lives of patients.

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