Structure & redact

medical records

at superhuman quality and machine scale


Cohort Selection


Decoding the World’s Unstructured Patient Data

Our mission is to enable healthcare organizations to learn from the journey of every patient—at scale. We make this possible through a proprietary end-to-end AI platform, meticulously quality-controlled by a world-class team of trained clinical experts.

Machine-Scale Abstraction


Clinical language is intricate and patient records often contain discrepancies that require human expertise to decode. For example, fatigue can either be a symptom or a side effect, and a pathology report indicating Stage 4 may conflict with a doctor's note indicating a different stage."

Mendel's core is a novel proprietary AI technology, capable of understanding a vast and ever-increasing range of clinical contexts and attributes at human expert level and machine scale.

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Clinico-genomic database in a week

Super-Human Quality


Navigating complex clinical attributes, such as outcomes and mortality, is daunting for both humans and machines. Our cutting-edge AI platform pre-indexes complex factors and provides confidence scores, making it easy for trained clinical teams to make decisions.

The resulting accuracy transcends a manual or an automated approach.

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From identifying 2 patients to 250+ an hour

Expert-Grade Redaction


Sharing PHI-free medical records at scale is core to the mission of unlocking learnings from every patient journey. These records are full of edge cases that confuse traditional inclusion/exclusion technologies.

Our ability to understand clinical content and support a multi-system approach means we redact PHI at an expert grade level and enable clinical research without compromising patient privacy.

Optimize across multiple factors


We help you navigate the four challenges of structuring unstructured data. Mendel ensures machine scale and analytics ready quality, while keeping cost per patient and turnaround time at a minimum.

How we can help you


Get detailed and precise de-identification and never compromise patient privacy.

Sharing EMR data

Source Document Verification

→ Redact

Cohort Selection

Catalog your patient data inventory and select the most relevant cohorts of patients with complex inclusion or exclusion criteria.

Selecting Patients to Abstract

Trial matching

Protocol Optimization

→ Cohort Selection

Analytics & Research

Achieve research-grade quality with a 25%+ increase in efficiency compared to standard manual abstraction.

Real World Evidence


Code Optimization

→ Analytics & Research

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